About Us

About Us

This is Caveman Adventures!

We are an Ecuadorian tourism company dedicated to operating the most fun and responsible adventure tours in the Amazon.

Our tours are designed to meet the needs of our clients in a very original way.

We have more than 15 years of experience and the appropriate training, allowing us to minimize the inherent risk of adventure sports and ensure dynamic, safe, and fun trips. The quality of our service is guaranteed through the human factor, our local guides are trained and certified by corresponding organizations according to the sport or activity.

We differentiate ourselves by preparing each one of the trips as if it were our own, and we do it efficiently and personally. We ensure fair and sustainable tourism, working with and incentivizing the consumption of services provided by the local population.

Furthermore, we engage in training and awareness activities regarding eco-friendly practices, forever in solidarity with our environment.

Since the formation of Caveman, our commitment has been to generate sustainable, consistent, completely integrated, and respectful development, and to make travel an enriching experience for both the visitors and the visited, always starting with an egalitarian and progressive vision.

Our philosophy, steeped in daily practice, makes our safety record reflect the high commitment to your safety and enjoyment.

CaveMan Adventures, The best experience in the Amazon!

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Address: Bellavista Baja, Av. Francisco de Orellana 666 y Tarqui, Tena - Ecuador
Telephone +593 (6) 288 83 94Whatsapp: +593 984 200 173 — Email: info@cavemanecuador.com