We start early when we pick you up at the agreed meeting spot, we’ll head to the river where you will receive all the necessary equipment to ensure a safe and comfortable adventure, on cold days we’ll give you a jacket to keep you snug, although the climate is usually nice and warm.

Once you’re well-equipped we will start with an informative talk in which we will lay out some possible river scenarios, safety positions, and paddle techniques which will ensure you are prepared and can enjoy this great experience to the fullest.

Excellent rapids, great waves, and the beautiful Amazonian scenery await us on this trip.

Additionally, our guides will be ready to show you the funnest and safest places during the descent.

We continue to enjoy ourselves until the end of the day, when we arrive at the bottom of the descent, where our car will be waiting to take us back to Tena.

We’ll end the day with a few frosty drinks and a toast to the memorable Ducky adventure ... cheers!

1-2 Day Arajuno River Paddle

Ducky an unforgettable experience,  we offer tours in duckies, which are the best way to explore the Amazon, with this intermediate version between raft and kayak the duckies are very stable boats and easy to maneuver, are excellent for whitewater and calm waters.


White Water Ducky

If you are looking for an adventure a little bit different than the usual, you have to try our Ducky tour in the Amazonian rivers, which provide the perfect place to learn to paddle and enjoy nature...

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