Caveman, a relatively young company, but made up of pioneers in the industry of white water rafting, who launched to fame rafting and kayaking from the depth of Amazon to the rest of Ecuador and the world.

For 6 years, we have been improving and innovating our tours, to offer you a unique experience, to the expectations of our fellow adventurers.

The rivers Jatunyacu, Misahuallí, Jondachi, Hollín, Quijos, Upano, are the cradles, from which we grew to our professional ripeness. Without doubt, we are the best option… we are pure adventure.

Rafting & Camping Jatunyacu – Napo rivers - two days

Rafting - Camping in the Jatunyacu river are the really ideal holiday destination for nature lovers, spend the day enjoying the large and fun whitewater rapids, swim in the pools while watching...

Rafting Jatunyacu River - Full day

The Jatunyacu river has big waves, perfect river to enjoy of this adventure.
Caveman offers trips for all abilities and budgets, Jatunyacu is the favorite, each section of this river has its own rhythm, challenges and rewards.
Our guides have been the introduction to the thrill of rafting for over a decade.

Rafting Jatunyacu River - Half day

The Big River, as translated from the native Kichwa language, is perfect for beginners and experienced adventurers...

Rafting Jondachi - Hollín River - Full Day

This is an ideal combination for lovers of adventure and adrenaline junkies. The colorful and steep canyon carved by the Jondachi and...

Rafting Napo River - Half day

The Napo River offers spectacular Amazonian landscapes. During the descent of its exciting rapids of grade II – II+ and calmer pools...

Rafting upper Anzu River

Are you looking for a trip for the whole family or friends? Well, stop looking! We present you the exciting adventure on the Anzu River, the calm and beautiful river, perfect for the whole family...

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