For nature lovers, Tena is the beginning of an unforgettable experience.

Our packages, designed with the requirements of our fellow adventurers in mind, will make you experience and directly enjoy the peace, comfort and nature of the Amazon.

The upper amazon basin of the Napo rivers, gives many alternatives for those who wish to explore the tropical forest of the amazon and its exotic wildlife; as well as discovering the different cultures, and it’s beautiful waterfalls and caves, which complement our excursions.

All of the above lead by our excellent and fully bilingual guides.

Misahuallí - one day

We will be in one of the main tributaries of the Amazon River; you can discover the giant tree, the majestic amazon wildlife, and learn about medicinal plants and the secrets of the Kichwa tribe...

Tour Napo - one day

The panoramic view of the Napo River and the marvelous landscape makes this a perfect place for visitors to experience the beauty of the Amazon...

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