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Rafting Napo River - Half day Rafting Napo River - Half day

Rafting Napo River - Half day

Whitewater Rafting Napo River class II - II+

The Napo River offers spectacular Amazonian landscapes. During the descent of its exciting rapids of grade II – II+ and calmer pools, also you can enjoy the famous cliff jumping. This adventure offers a hint of adrenaline and an opportunity to learn the stories and legends of the natives and early settlers who sailed this majestic river.

For our grand finale, we will head to Misahuallí to visit the city of monkeys.

What you need to know

  • Paddle Departure Time – 8:30 / 13:00
  • Difficulty - class II – II+
  • Trip Length – 20 km / 12.4 miles
  • Half day – 3 hrs.
  • Meals – Snacks and water
  • Season - All year
  • Minimum - Age 5
  • Minimum – 4 people
  • Pricing - Adult $ 40 Youth (ages 5-10) $ 30

Whitewater Rafting Napo River class II –II+

We are in the CAVEMAN office at 8:30 am . We take our transport and headed Napo River, the gateway to adventure, get ready and deliver the equipment, followed by a safety briefing reinforced the commands that will be used during this adventure, the decline over all scheduled activities takes us about 2 hours 30 minutes depending on the river level.

In this river we find a variety of beautiful, fun rapids scenery and the perfect complement warm waters and calm pools that invite us to freshen up.

We continue enjoy down until we reach our final destination Misahuallí Port or also known as "The monkey village".

Cheers, a toast to the great day, a short walk for the port and back to Tena.

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